Peppermint (Menta piperita)

Analgesic acting to relieve pain
Antibacterial prevents the growth or spread of bacteria
Anticarcinogenic preventing or delaying the development of cancer
Antiemetic preventing vomiting
Anti-inflammatory used to reduce inflammation
Antiseptic preventing the growth of microorganisms (bacteria)
Antispasmodic relieves spasm of involuntary muscle
Antiviral effective against viruses
Aphrodisiac stimulates sexual desire
Cardiotonic improves the contraction of the heart muscle
Carminative relieves flatulence
Emmenagogue stimulates or increases menstrual flow
Energizing giving vitality and enthusiasm
Expectorant clears mucus (phlegm) from your airway; treats coughs
Invigorating making one feel strong, healthy, and full of energy
Nervine used to calm the nerves
Refreshing serving to refresh or reinvigorate
Stomachic promoting the appetite or assisting digestion
Vascoconstrictor narrows the walls of blood vessels; increases blood pressure
Vermifuge expels worms or other animal parasites from the intestines
Warming raises temperature